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Scott Hare, Master Woodworker

Scott Hare moved to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 1979. He was born in Indianapolis, but has lived in many different locations around the country. After spending his early years enjoying snowy winters, his family moved to Florida when he was a teen. In college he earned a degree in political science, but he was always drawn to the arts, and shortly after arriving in Hawai’i he began to carve. He experimented with bones, shells, gems, and ivory before he found his perfect medium, wood. After twenty-five years he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the woods of Hawai’i, and is recognized around the state as a master woodworker. His extensive portfolio is rich with a variety of impressive projects, including calabashes and sculptured turnings, full relief murals, ornate frames and doors, miniature and full-sized tikis, as well as countless sculptures which include whales and dolphins, Polynesian faces, canoes and paddles, furniture carvings, and highly detailed birds and flowers. His work can be found in many galleries around the state of Hawai’i and in various private collections around the world. He has shared his knowledge of wood with many, including his two sons, Alex, who is now a professional wood turner in his own right, and Tyler who is just beginning. When Scott is not working with wood, he enjoys playing soccer, hiking Hawai’i‘s forests, or tending his yard, six acres of ohia forest on the Big Island. He enjoys landscaping and has transformed the land around his home into a botanical garden of tropical plants and trees, many of which are fragrant. He has collected more than 150 varieties of cordyline, known in Hawai’i as the ‘ti plant’.